Fresh New Talent, Ground Breaking Teams, Stela Original Series

The mission statement of new Stela Studio, is to create premium content that is carefully curated, expertly guided through the design process, and delivered to readers as Stela Original Series.

Stela Studio is keeping true to the original Stela mobile device friendly format but is focused on creating and producing original content in-house. With a production process akin to that of animation, TV and game development, Stela Studio thoughtfully organizes teams of talented collaborators to produce extraordinary sequential art narratives from start to finish.

The goal of Stela Studio is to reach an audience beyond traditional comic followers and capture a more broad spectrum of readers. Stela Original Series will be developed by a diverse collection of industry professionals with an inclusive point-of-view which will be incorporated in both story and design.

For Pitches and Portfolios
Presently, Stela's production schedule is fully booked, but we are open to reviewing pitches and portfolios for future development consideration. Stela Studio welcomes portfolios from artists, writers, storyboard artists, concept art designers, colorists, letterers, and more! After review, your portfolio will be added to our creators' database for reference when hiring for upcoming projects.

Send pitches and portfolios to: Stela Submissions

Current Job Openings


Job description:

Stela Studios is looking for a versatile and experienced writer who is excited to work closely with editorial staff to create premium, original content.

Responsibilities include:

  • Delivering one to three 1500-word scripts per week.
  • Creating characters, character development, crafting dialogue and writing engaging plots.
  • Idea generation and research, planning, writing pitches for projects.
  • Producing written materials for varying stages of the production process.
  • Working hand-in-hand with editor, production manager, and artists.
  • Revising scripts and adapting content to meet the needs of the creative direction.
  • Generating marketing materials associated with the production of authored projects.

Key requirements:

  • 5+ years of experience in script writing in comics, television, or film.
  • Must be open to receiving rigorous editorial feedback.
  • Able to participate in 10+ hours of weekly script review or production meetings.
  • Specialty in genre-fiction such as comedy, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, horror or action.
  • Have strengths in character building, dialogue and observation to detail.
  • Critical literary analysis (preferable).

To apply, contact: Stela Submissions

Sequential Artist

Job description:

Stela Studio is looking for a sequential artist who can work in a grayscale, Manga style. The work is on a pre-existing comic book series that comes with a writer and storyboard artist, attached. Artist must be able to work with already completed storyboards to deliver approx. 8-12 inked and toned manga pages every two weeks.

Rate: $100/page

Stylistic Influences:

Rumiko Takahashi: Ramna 1/2, Osamu Tezuka

Key requirements:

  • Manga drawing style
  • Strengths in drawing: Slice-of-life, Action
  • Strong background design
  • Able to draw and tone the equivalent of 6-8 pages a week
  • Ability to communicate frequently/effectively via e-mail and Google Hangouts.

For additional information such as samples of the comic and more, contact the e-mail below.

Send portfolio links and a brief introduction to: Stela Submissions