Super Brat Cover - Only on Stela Comics

Oliver "Ollie" Orwell was a 6-year-old troublemaker living in an American suburb. Like most kids his age, he was egocentric and impulsive, but he usually meant well. Not that it particularly assured his parents, who had little patience with his tendency to (unintentionally) cause trouble. Ollie was an ordinary kid until he discovered a tattered cape in his family's attic. When he put it on, he discovered that the cape gave him super-strength, super-speed, flight, telescopic vision and other powers. Normally, that would be enough to qualify one as superhero. But Ollie didn't even think about fighting crime. Instead, he called himself the Super-Brat and used the magic cape to solve everyday problems - helping his parents decorate their home, getting a picnic basket they forgot, etc.