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Popular Titles


Lumi White

Lumi White struggles against her desires and what is expected of her.


Lumi White: Princess Francis

Lumi White and Princess Francis face obstacles and trials on their rocky road to love.


Alyan and the Lamp

Alyan faces a crushing disappointment and a bitter betrayal in the sands of the desert.

Alyan and Raessa


The century-spanning werewolf epic. Verity must face her past to ensure her future.


Déjà Brew

At the little shop where magic-school reject Tobias works, a fresh brew of coffee or a pot of tea isn't all that it seems.


Calla Cthulhu

Young Calla, carrying the blood of the Old Ones, battles her villainous uncle to keep Eldritch horrors from rising again.


Love Run Riot

The United States is in the midst of another civil war, with the only safe haven being a fictional city called, New Quentin.


Rome West

History is altered when a fleet of ancient Roman ships is lost in a storm and winds up in the Americas 1000 years before Columbus.

Stela Originals


Perfect Timing

Forced to relive her life, a betrayed woman time travels to rewrite fate and rectify past regrets.



From poverty to the trapeze to modeling to showcasing in prestigious Parisian art galleries she lived how she liked, loved how she liked, and painted as she liked.


Lumi White

Lumi White struggles against her desires and what is expected of her.


The Inheritance

A retired warrior is on constant alert as he protects a young girl with near infinite power, fighting off the hordes seeking to kill her.



The elderly heroes deserve to rest but something isn’t right. Something dark and sinister lurks at the heart of Haven.


Crystal Fighters

Everyone's heard of the secret menus at restaurants, but what about a secret underground magical girl fight club in a massively multiplayer online game?

Lucha and mother wolf

Dark Deep Down

After losing his wife, a grief-stricken Paul journeys beyond our reality, down into the underworld, to see her once more.


Unnatural Selection

In a future where zoos are all but extinct, a glitch turns the robotic animals into mechanized mammals out for blood.



After being sent to a juvenile detention facility somewhere around the planet Pluto, Vera Santana struggles to fit in.



A new shaman of a tribe of savage children must learn his mystical powers to save them from dangerous forces in the jungle.

Lucha and mother wolf

Rome West

History is altered when a fleet of ancient Roman ships is lost in a storm and winds up in the Americas 1000 years before Columbus.



Three young recruits from a secret clan of ninjas strive to save Brooklyn from a gang of superpowered thugs.

Illustrated mBooks


The Jungle Book

Complimented by the beautiful illustrative work of the Detmold Brothers, the Jungle Book interweaves moral lessons with wonderfully told classic tales.


The Picture of Dorian Gray

In this gothic tale of the dangers of vanity, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" paints a fascinating and grim picture of Victorian England.


Grimms' Fairy Tales

Goose Girl, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and more — the Grimm Brothers' most enduring works come to life with brand new illustrations on Stela.

Alyan and Raessa

The Water Babies

A poor boy is given the oppoprtunity to be reborn as a water baby. Can he return to the world of humans?


Treasure Island

Set off on the high seas in this epic tale of buccaneers and buried gold. It's now with all-new beautiful illustrations, available exclusively at Stela Unlimited!


The Book of Five Rings

Raise your weapon and find the strength within through this magnificent text, now with all-new unique illustrations!



As tragedy strikes both Faust and his love, Gretchen, he struggles to save them both while the devil looms over all.

Alyan and Raessa

The Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights, also known as "One Thousand and One Nights," is a magnificent collection of ancient Middle Eastern folk tales.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Head down the rabbit hole in this children's favorite.


East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Beauty tames the beast in this Norwegian folk tale.


The Yellow Wallpaper

After her husband locks her away in the attic, a woman finds herself slowly driven mad by the isolation of her confinement.

Alyan and Raessa

Peter Pan and Wendy

J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, the classic tale of the boy who refused to grow up, is a timeless and thrilling adventure for all ages to enjoy.


Irish Fairy Tales

Dive into stories of shapeshifters, fairies, and hags, brought forth from a time when the world still believed in magic.


The Tanglewood Tales

Experience the terrifying minotaur of the labyrinth, the towering force of Antaeus, and the beauty of the wondrous golden fleece.


The Children of Odin

As the great All Father, Odin, stepped across the Rainbow Bridge to be among the humans of Midgard, his children had their own adventures.

Alyan and Raessa

The Russian Story Book

These fifteen tales from the song-cycles of Kiev and Novgorod tell tales of the heart of "Holy Russia," spinning legends of the nation's earliest days.

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