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Stuart Moore is a writer, a book editor and an award-winning comics editor. His current writing includes EGOs, an original comic book series from Image Comics and The Zodiac Legacy, a major Disney project created and cowritten by Stan Lee, featuring an all-new team of teenaged super heroes in a series of illustrated prose novels. Other comics work includes Wolverine Noir and Namor: The First Mutant (Marvel); Convergence: Legion of Superheroes and Firestorm (DC Comics); assorted Star Trek and Transformers projects; and the science-fiction graphic novels Earthlight, PARA, Shadrach Stone, and Mandala. His prose writing includes the novel version of Marvel’s Civil War and Disney Worldwide's John Carter: The Movie Novelization. Stuart recently served as freelance editor of Marvel Comics’ prose novel line. In the past, he has been a book editor at St. Martin’s Press and editor of the Virgin Comics / SciFi Channel and Marvel Knights comics imprints. At DC Comics, he was a founding editor of the acclaimed Vertigo imprint, where he won both the Will Eisner award for Best Editor and the Don Thompson Award for Favorite Editor.

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