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Irene Koh is an illustrator, wanderer and red meat enthusiast. Most recently she is a professional comics artist and karaoke superstar. Born in Seoul, Koh has lived in Tokyo, New England and San Francisco. She now happily identifies as a godless, taco-breathing Los Angeleno. Koh received her BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design ('12). Her clients include DC, Marvel, IDW and Oni Press.

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  • Solo

    👍💯💪👌 Loved it.

  • Pandora starling

    This is amazing art and I like what u did with baram

  • izaleu

    Glad they finally got the app working on Android. Aphrina is so great! :)

  • Doc D

    I just read your story!! And I love it! I will be looking for the next one.