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Stēla’s First True Sequel, Inheritance II: Dragonriders, Released Today

Author: Wes Moots

How amazing—and terrifying—might it be to learn your grandmother was a dragon rider, and now you are expected to follow in her tradition?

That’s what Marra is dealing with in Inheritance II: Dragonriders, but for her it’s just a small piece in a much greater puzzle.

A sequel story taking place in the same fantasy world of the original Stēla story Inheritance created by Jason Juan, Ryan Yount, and Sam Lu, Inheritance II: Dragonriders takes place nine years after the original series and joins a now teenage Marra who is struggling to both face the expectations that others are putting on her, as well as the overwhelming power of her own magic.

Once every thousand years, a child is born with greater magical powers than any other living—or unliving—being. Marra is this millenia’s Inherent, but having and controlling this magical power are two different things.

Check out this preview of the first chapter of Inheritance II: Dragonriders:

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