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The Dark Divide Free First Chapter

Author: Stela Team

Read the full first chapter of Haden Blackman and Michael Stribling's debut Stela series, full of gorgeous art and a healthy dose of the macabre.

In a world of perpetual darkness ruled by the Gods of Fear, the Mondo Macabre—a traveling revival and circus—is one of the few bright spots for people. Elli Rath just wants to eke out a living with the carnival and make her family proud. But when the opportunity comes to make a desperate attempt to reach the last human settlement, can she make it there alive while being pursued by her father: the mercurial God of Guns?

An all-new series from the prolific Haden Blackman (Batwoman) with illustrations by the masterful Michael Stribling (JLA: Classified), The Dark Divide is an adventure tale for a new age, full of gorgeous illustrations and a deep, character-driven story with a healthy dose of the macabre—and you can read the first chapter for free right now!

Check out the full first chapter below, then be sure to download the Stela Books app to stay current with each and every chapter of the new series.

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