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New Stela Series: Santos Brings the Prodigal Daughter Home to the Desert

Author: Wes Moots

Late night phone calls rarely bring good news, and there’s no exception for Jess when she’s woken by the news of her father’s murder.

Jess and her father, the former sheriff of Lost Creek, were not close. In fact, they fought so much that it drove her to pack the car and leave her hometown behind without any intent to return. But now, this ex-FBI agent must return to a home she thought she’d never see again in order to investigate his death.

The truth behind her father’s demise is more haunting than Jess can imagine, and I can’t wait to see where her investigation will lead her.

From the fantastic creative teamwork of writer Fabian Rangel Jr., artist Jason Copland, colors by Doug Garbark, and letterer Nate Piekos of Blambot® comes Santos—a detective-adventure story tinged with paranormal horror set in the rural desert town of Lost Creek.

This isn’t first time some of these awesome talents have made their mark on a Stela series though. Fabian Rangel Jr. wrote the amazing jungle-adventure series Tribes, and Nate Piekos has lettered a bunch of Stela’s series including Calla Cthulhu, The Dark Divide, Slice, Jaeger, and many more!

Santos contrasts a realistic and gritty art feel with vibrant splashes of color which make nightmares more real to the characters than their own lives. Fans of Stela series including Slice and Abandon are sure to be hooked by Santos’s haunting take on reality.

Check out chapter one of Santos today and keep up with it as it updates every Tuesday, available exclusively on the Stela Books App—get it for free on the iOS app store now!

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