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EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: Unnatural Selection

Author: Jim Gibbons

In the wake of the Blackfish controversy at Seaworld, the Jaesaeng Corporation has stepped in to create a new zoo that will bypass any and all qualms of animal rights activists. This new initiative has pushed experienced zoologists like Dr. Susan Henderson out of their old positions—a new guard was needed for this brave new world. Unfortunately, the birthing of a new world isn’t without its growing pains, which Susan and her family experience firsthand when things start going ape on Susan’s reluctant first visit back to this new, quickly more terrifying zoo.

For fans of Jurassic Park or Westworld, Unnatural Selection is a tale of entertainment gone oh-so-wrong is written by New York Times bestselling author Sean E. Williams (The Vampire Diaries, Artful Daggers) and illustrated in terrifying detail by Guiu Vilanova (Weird Detective, The Twilight Zone), featuring gorgeous colors by Andrew Dalhouse (The Flash, Faith), and with deft lettering by Deron Bennett (Batman).

A bit of thematic info from the official pitch document

“How can you appreciate the wild natural world, when you can only see it on your television or phone? Thematically, Unnatural Selection is about how important nature is to humanity itself. Can we live without the wild animals that call Earth home? Without live animals to appreciate, will people care if their habitats (and our wilderness) are destroyed? As caretakers of Earth, are we doing more harm or good by putting them on display for all to see and learn from? And what happens when nature tries to reclaim what humans have taken?”

Now this series is available on Stela ( iOS / Android) with new chapter every Monday!

Take a look at a few pages from the first chapter!

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