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REVIEW: Afrina and The Glass Coffin

Author: Ryan Yount

A new take on a classic fairly tale.

Afrina and The Glass Coffin is a new take on an old fairy tale. Acclaimed creator Irene Koh (Secret Origins: Batgirl, TMNT: Casey & April) writes and draws this fantasy series, imbuing it with plenty of subtext, turning the traditional fairy tale on its head for a story that's completely new and undeniably perfect for a fresh generation of comics readers.

Princess Afrina has journeyed to a distant wasteland to open a glass coffin, accepting a curse in exchange for powerful magical abilities she needs to save her country from unrelenting invasion. What she comes to learn is that her newfound power is inexplicably tied to what lies inside the coffin: another princess.

As Koh told Polygon, “[Afrina’s] resolve falters when the talisman of power she needs to aid her quest is another (quite jaded) princess, and not an ensorcelled sword or other such traditional tool.”

You can read the entire 5-part series in the Stela Archive now.

Here’s a preview from Episode 1.

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